Jersey Mike’s Fundraising Videos

Non-Profit Marketing Videos

Client: Make-A-Wish Foundation Suffolk County | Jersey Mike’s
Industry: Non-Profit
Location: Ronkonkoma, New York
Video Type: Fundraising Videos

About This Video Project:
We created these fundraising videos for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in partnership with Jersey Mike’s to highlight their efforts to bring positivity to kids with cancer.


  • Highlight Make-A-Wish’s & Jersey Mike’s fundraising promotion
  • Create a powerful fundraising tool to be used during a virtual fundraising event


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production


We were contacted by Make-A-Wish foundation and Jersey Mike’s to make two short ads for their collaborative fundraising effort.  For this fundraising video we had an efficient setup with both Nikolina and Sophia ready for their takes.  This video required the use of a teleprompter which Pennylane has in their arsenal of professional gear.  The children read from a small script and they were complete pros. We then added in a call to action at the end.
This type of video is super short and to the point. This helps keep the message of the promotion at the front of people’s minds. This is an example of how less can often be more when it comes to raising awareness of a campaign.

 To learn more about Make-A-Wish Foundation, please visit

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