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Providing Generations of Customers a Sterile Environment

Client: Kalmar Family Dentistry
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About This Video Project

Learn about Kalmar Family Denistry in this about us video for our client Tuttnauer. Dr. Kelly Kalmar is a general dentist with 24 years of experience. Listen as she shares how her family practice has grown from a two operatory practice to an eight operatory practice with six hygienists, six dental assistants, and three doctors. She also emphasizes the importance of sterilization and the role Tuttnauer plays in maintaining a clean and sterile environment for her patients. Watch how Dr. Kalmar and her team are providing quality care to their patients and generations of families.


My name is Dr. Kelly Kalmar. I’m a general dentist and I’ve been practicing for almost 24 years. When I started, I came in with my dad who started this place in 1979 and when he started it was a two operatory practice and over the years together we built it to an eight operatory practice which we currently maintain. Right now we have six hygienists, six dental assistants and three doctors working on a daily basis. Because it started as a family practice, we’re seeing generation after generation which is a really cool thing. Sterilization has always been really very, very important. Over the years, patients have commented on us being able to maintain a really clean, sterile environment. It’s really important for my patients to understand the fact that we’re doing everything we can to keep it as clean and sterile as possible for everybody who walks in the place.

To learn more: https://www.tuttnauer.com/us

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