Brand Launch Announcement | SUNation

Giving Homeowners Total Control Over Their Energy Consumption and Monitoring

Client: SUNation Energy
Industry: Energy
Video Type: Marketing
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

SUNation Energy is the company that started the solar industry and continues to lead it. They hired us to create a 60 second introduction video. With over a quarter of a million solar panels installed and working each day, SUNation Energy offsets over $20 million annually for their home and business owners. SUNation Energy is more than just solar, they offer EV charging, battery storage, roofing, HVAC products, and technology pieces that give homeowners total control over their energy consumption and monitoring.


In 2001 we began installing solar panels. With now over a quarter of a million solar panels working each day, we offset over $20 million annually for our home and business owners and it grows each year. Today is a new dawn. It’s a new day and I’m feeling good because today we unleash SUNation Energy. SUNation Energy will encompass the entire home energy experience and not just solar. EV charging, battery storage, roofing, HVAC products, technology pieces that will control the consumption of energy, the monitoring of energy. It’ll be about total control for the homeowner. We started this industry, we lead this industry. Welcome to SUNation Energy.

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