The Modern Barn

Experience Expansive Living

Client: Plum Builders
Industry: Architecture
Location: Watermill, NY

Video Type: Landing Page Video

We were hired to create a video that shows off the process that Plum Builders uses to create their gorgeous Modern Barn concept.

Case Study


  • Create a video that would showcase the process and results of Plum Builders Modern Barn concept.
  • Film multiple finished houses and speak with the owners of each house.
  • Film the Plum offices to show how they work.


  • Filming multiple locations
  • Music supervision and licensing
  • Video editing
  • Motion graphics


The Modern Barn is a concept that is unique to Plum Builders and it was important to them that we were able to capture not just the results of the process but the reasoning behind it. 

We interviewed the creator of the concept at the Plum offices and also captured b roll there of their staff working. We next went out to 2 different homes to capture the finished product. We spoke with the owner of each property to get their take on living in the house. 

Finally, we went to a Modern Barn under construction to see how it all comes together.



The video headlines the Plum website and the client also asked us to do create the background video loop that plays there as well. 

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