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Executive Recruitment Firm for Accounting & Finance Professionals

Client: Abacus Group LLC
Industry: Finance
Location: New York, New York
Video Type: Recruitment

About This Video Project: We created this employee recruitment video for for executive recruitment firm Abacus Group LLC.


  • Create an Recruitment Marketing Video
  • Highlight the benefits of working at Abacus
  • Explain how Abacus is different from their competitors


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics


We recently had the opportunity to produce an employee recruitment marketing video for Abacus Group. Abacus Group is an executive recruitment firm focused on the placement of Accounting & Finance, Accounting Support, Financial Services, and Administrative Support professionals. We are a highly focused executive recruitment firm with a diligent and personal approach to staffing and placement.They had originally approached us with a scripted concept that would introduce two of their current employees. After our initial conversation, we suggested a small change in the idea. Instead of reading a script, why don’t we just sit down and chat with the two employees about their real-life experience at Abacus Group and how their lives have changed.

We usually try to steer our clients away from non-professional actors/hosts reading scripts because it can take away from the sincerity of the message. Most people cannot read scripts and come across naturally without experience and practice. Simply setting up a natural interview and having a human conversation does wonders for getting important messages across, so we agreed to conduct real interviews with Michelle and Charlie and tied in supporting b-roll visuals to help tell the story.

Once we had this information, we were able to ask the right questions to the two employees we interviewed to get great messages for narration. After we conducted the interviews, we spent the 2nd half of the day filming “fly-on-the-wall” scenes and a few directed scenes with Michelle and Charlie as they walked around the office and chatted with co-workers/bosses.

To learn more information about Abacus Group, please visit www.abacusgroupllc.com

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