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Client Testimonial and Product Demonstration Video

Client: Tuttnauer
Industry: Healthcare
Video Type: Marketing
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

Learn about Tuttnauer’s Ultra Rapid 20 minute Biological Indicator in this product overview video. It features one of Tuttnaeur’s customers, Kalmar Family Denistry. Watch this video to learn step by step how Tuttnauer’s 20 minute Biological Indicator works.


Another product we use from Tuttnauer is the biological indicator. We take one from the box, we load it onto our tray, and load it into the autoclave. It will give us results in 20 minutes as opposed to waiting the week. Once this cycle is done, I’ll take the BI out of the tray and we’re going to bring it over to the incubator. We press down the blue cap and we shake it for 10 seconds. We’ll put it in this slot and that’s when we move it back and forth four times. And then we’ll put it in this slot and close the lid and that’s when it takes 20 minutes. This is a 20 minute BI. After it’s done incubating, we open it and we get a printout of the results to tell us if our instruments are sterilized or not.

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