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This is our about us landing page video. In less than 2 minutes, we utilize 12 video marketing strategies to get our brand messages across. Let’s take a deeper look and deconstruct every line in this scripted marketing video.

1. WHY

“We believe every brand has a story to tell, and there’s no better way to tell that story than through the power of video.”

By answering the “Why”, we are able to share what we believe to our customers. This kind of messaging is a great way to start your pitch when selling your brand. As Simon Sinek explains in this video, Apple is a great example of a company that markets to people who believe what they believe. If you want to figure it out for your brand, try starting with the phrase “We believe …” and fill in what your company stands for. Why do you love doing what you do everyday? This also speaks about your passion in your work and customers love doing business with brands that are passionate about what they do.

2. HOW

“Video marketing motivates action like no other form of marketing on earth.”

Next, we answer how video marketing helps create customers. Online video is more engaging than words and images on websites and normally generates better conversions because the average person would rather press the play button, than spend time reading hundreds or thousands of words.

video camera for production


“And there’s no surprise that over 80% of people admit they’re more likely to buy your product or service after watching video.”

Using statistics is a great way to provide proof for your claim. In our example we referenced this powerful Insivia article to share an informative statistic about video marketing strategies.


“And when companies invest in high quality production value, their brand perception changes instantly.”

Differentiators are important for every brand to identify. If your company hasn’t thought this through in a while, write out a list of all the reasons you’re better than your competition. What do you do better than they do? What do you do that they don’t do? In this example, one of our differentiators is the quality of our video production. A simple search for other video production companies in the are will clearly show that our work is consistently better than almost everyone else. These is something we are very proud of Pennylane because when our clients have high quality online videos, their customers take their messages more seriously.

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“Let’s face it, people love stories because that’s what connects us all and that’s what connects businesses to their audiences”

Storytelling is a powerful tool to harness within your marketing toolbox. People are attracted to learning and understanding through storytelling. At Pennylane, we have over 15 years of experience telling stories for our customers and every year we become better storytellers. Telling stories allows us to tap into people’s emotions and emotions are what drive decisions.


“There’s a reason why Pennylane is entrusted by the most admired brands in the world.”

A powerful trick to use for video marketing strategies is to share their client list with their audience, especially if they’ve worked with known brands. Admired brands can afford to choose great vendors to work with. If those brands choose you, it’s a sign that you provide high value to your customers. This weighs a lot of weight on a customers decision. In our example, we have been around the block for a while. Fortunately we are consistently hired by admired brands because they see the ROI and value in what we provide them.

our client list


“We make it simple for our clients, walking them through every step of the way and making sure their message gets out crystal clear, every time.”

People love when things are simple. They also runaway from things that are complicated. The video production industry can be very complicated to understand for those not in the business. It’s our job to make our services simple so our customers can make easy decisions. We want our clients to tell us what they want and we’ll figure out how to do it. If they are unsure, we will guide them with easy to understand ideas so they can reach their vision. Make your process easy and your customers will love you.


“…but most importantly our unwavering commitment to helping our clients reach their goals earns us the privilege of working with them year after year.”

It’s one thing to earn a new client. It’s another to retain that client indefinitely. According to Wikipedia, “customer lifetime value (CLV or often CLTV), lifetime customer value (LCV), or life-time value (LTV) is a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer.” Take a look at your customer lifetime value of each client you currently have and ask yourself which ones hold more value for your brand. Understanding why they stay with you is important to know. It allows you to utilize and message out that benefit or differentiator to your audience through marketing.



“Let us collaborate with you on new ideas. Remind your customers about the real problems they face every day and share the benefits that you can give them so they can solve those problems”

We want our clients to look at us as a vendor partner or an extension of their marketing team. We are not robots at Pennylane. We think like C-level entrepreneurs and we are dedicated to helping our clients grow through powerful video marketing strategies. If our clients grow from our valuable services, then we grow with them. This win-win strategy is one of the key core values that defines who we are as a brand. Another benefit to partnering with us is that we are video marketing experts. Marketing and video marketing are two different things although some companies tend to interchange as the same. When clients hire us, they get an external video marketing expert and business strategist that they can consult with during the project or in general.

10. SEO

“…and if SEO is important to you, well listen up, because websites that use video consistently today are over 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of google.”

SEO also known as search engine optimization is important for any digital marketing strategy. SEO is what allows your brand to be visible online when people search for products and services relevant to what you do. According to this informative article from Tubular Insights, a Google “indexed video stands about a 50 times greater chance of ranking on the first page of results than any given textual page in the index.” Notice we said “If SEO is important you…” We know that almost every brand is aware that SEO is important. This line was inserted almost as a rhetorical question. If SEO happens to not be important to you, then we advise you to take some time and learn why SEO should be important to you because its an absolute necessity in this day and age to compete in the digital marketing space.

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“Leave the technical stuff up to us because this is what we do, and instead, consider us part of your team.”

In this line, we are reinforcing strategies #6 SIMPLE and #8 PARTNERSHIP to let our audience know we are the expert in our field. We will hold their hand every step of the way through this complicated video marketing process. In addition they can trust as as a video marketing expert and partner to help guide their decisions.


“It’s time to start telling your stories to the world. Click or call today.”

Every message should have a call-to-action. A proper call-to-action tells the audience what to do next. In this example we are suggesting to start telling stories through our video marketing services. Then we are telling them exact how to do it, by clicking the link to our website or calling us to start the conversation and create engaging video marketing strategies.


Today, video marketing for business is one of the most powerful tools a brand can use to increase traffic and conversions. If you tell unique stories in your video marketing, it gets even better. This is where we come in. We believe every brand has a story. We can help you develop these stories based on your companies goals and obstacles. Once we understand your vision and obstacles, we can create engaging video campaigns that create effective return on investment.

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