Ground Work Group

Professional Financial Planning For Families

Client: Ground Work Group
Industry: Non-Profit
Location: New York
Video Type: Testimonial Videos

About This Video Project:
We created this video for Ground Work Group to explain their mission and why they do what they do.


  • Create an About Us video
  • Explain the mission of Ground Work Group
  • Get to know the founders of the organization


  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics
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Ground Work Group is a nonprofit organization that gives mid to low income people access to advanced financial advice. Their aim is to educate people on concepts that are only known by the wealthy. Their hope is that this information can help struggling families have better lives. They partnered with us to raise awareness of their mission.
We created this About Us video for them using a series of interviews with the founders and simple broll setups. We had limited time to film the key players and also capture supporting visuals so this job was all about efficiency. We asked targeted questions during our interviews. These extracted all the key information about the company and conveying the emotional side of what they do. For tight schedules like this sometimes the instinct is to use a script to better manage time. We have found when working with non-profits that is a mistake. When you have subjects who truly believe in their mission its always best to let them use their own words.



Its not all business at the Ground Work Group

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