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Awareness Video Production

Client: Habitat for Humanity
Industry: Non-Profit
Video Type: Awareness Video
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

We produced this non-profit awareness video for Habitat for Humanity to showcase the ways that Habitat enriches the lives of the people involved in their work. We’ve highlighted the family experience before, so for this, we focused on the companies that donate time and materials to make a family’s dream come true. For this awareness video, we spoke with people from H2M and Riverhead Building Supply.

When we conceptualized Habitat for Humanity’s awareness video, we focused heavily on the cyclical nature of giving. Habitat could only help the family get a house with the support of Riverhead Building Supply, which couldn’t provide the correct materials without the help of H2M. In turn, both companies saw production increase because their employees were energized by a good cause. We were able to capture the emotion of this experience with careful planning that included pre-interviewing people from the companies most affected by the experience.

The final product was shown to over 500 people at Habitat for Humanity Suffolk’s annual Builders Breakfast. The breakfast is an opportunity for Habitat to highlight the homes built in the last year and the people and companies that helped make it happen. The video was a huge success and we were asked to create another set of videos at the next Builder’s Breakfast.

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity, please visit https://www.habitat.org

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