Morgan's Story

LLS Girl of the Year 2019

Client: LLS
Industry: Non-Profit
Location: Long Island, New York

Video Type: Fundraising Video

LLS exists to find cures and ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients. Every year they honor two young cancer survivors with Boy and Girl of the year awards. This is the profile of the Girl of the Year honoree for 2019.

Case Study


  • Profile the Girl of the Year for 2019
  • Raise awareness for blood cancers
  • Highlight LLS’ ongoing mission and how regular people can help achieve it.


  • Full Day Shoot
  • Pre Interviews
  • Music supervision and licensing
  • Video editing


We work with LLS on an annual basis to create videos for their Man and Woman of the Year fundraising campaign. Telling the stories of the kids being honored during this time is always an extremely rewarding and emotional experience.  It’s amazing to speak with these resilient children who have battled so much adversity. Its a cliche, but they teach us lessons every year on how to live our own lives in a better way. Morgan and her parents were amazing to spend the day with. People should take inspiration from the amount of humor, heart, and warmth their family puts on display.

The shoots are not without their challenges though. Working with Non-Profits almost always means tight budgets and short timelines and this was no different. They are long days and we have to scramble to get everything we need, but we’ve found that if we are constantly communicating we can make the best of it.

While shooting we knew that the video would be an emotional one, but during the editing process, each one of us who worked on it was in tears. Morgan’s mother delivers a moving and powerful plea for LLS’ mission. Its something no copywriter or scripted dialogue could ever match. It illustrates perfectly why video testimonials are the most effective way to tell an organizations story. 

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