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A True Humanitarian

Client: AHRC
Industry: Non-Profit
Video Type: Brand Awareness
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

A tribute to Dr. Bates, an excellent physician and true humanitarian who dedicates her life to serving those with disabilities. Dr. Bates is so deserving of the Humanitarian Award for her character, kindness, compassion, and mission to improve the lives of those with disabilities. Pennylane Productions is proud to have worked with AHRC to capture this story of Dr. Bates and her incredible work.


Dr. Bates, aside from being an excellent physician, she is a true humanitarian. She is kind, caring, patient, and full of love for all her patients, and it’s evident because they all adore her. You expect a physician, I think, to be, you know, a strong, big, loud personality, and in meeting Dr. Bates, that’s not who she really is at all. She is so easy to connect with, and people, I think, once they get to know her and see how warm and genuine and funny and kind and caring she is, you know, become her patient for 30, you know, 40 years, some of them. She’s dedicated her life to serving adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She gives undivided attention to families, to patients, even more than what’s expected. I’ve worked a lot of doctors over the years, hundreds, but there’s no one like Dr. Bates. Every little change she can make to improve the care of her patients, improve the quality of a job for a staff member here, it’s always about others. She’ll stay late. She’ll come in early. She’ll do whatever she has to do to make things work for the better of others. Dr. Bates has a natural ability to make people feel safe in her presence, and in doing so, I believe that Julia is able to accomplish things that others might not accomplish given the same situation. So when it was decided that we would open Advantage Care as a diagnostic treatment center who serves people with developmental disabilities and those on the autism spectrum disorder, it was overwhelmingly obvious that Dr. Bates would make the ideal medical director and ultimately chief medical officer. I believe that she has made the health center what it is. Her good works, her good will, her good intentions have improved many people’s lives, and she’s improving the world. Health services for AHRC and its family of organizations wouldn’t be able to be what it is without our relationship with Advantage Care. As connected as we are to Advantage Care is as connected as we are to Dr. Bates. She is just always available and makes herself accessible to really any staff person who reaches out to her, and that’s rare when you are working in a group home program. When my daughter moved into the residential program, one of the things necessary was changing doctors. We came to Advantage Care, met Dr. Bates, and when the three of us met together, she spoke directly to Meredith. Very often doctors will speak about her to me as though she’s not even in the room, but she directed all her questions to Meredith. And she asked Meredith, you know, what are you looking for in a doctor? What do you want a doctor to do? How can I help you? Dr. Bates, she was very nice and friendly, always listens to me, takes good care of me, and keeps me healthy. Thank you very much, Dr. Bates. You are the great doctor. Love, Meredith Shear. I feel that Dr. Bates receiving the Humanitarian Award, what I would say, if not her, then who? It speaks to everything about her character and who she is, how she is kind and compassionate and really gives to others, and that’s really been her mission all these years. She’s just incredible. I mean, you couldn’t ask for a better doctor. My own sister has a disability and sees Dr. Bates, and there’s no one else I’d want her to see. If I could be half the doctor that Dr. Bates is, that would be a huge achievement.

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