Playground Fundraising Video | League of Yes

Non-Profit Looking to Provide a Playground for Children of All Abilities

Client: League of Yes
Industry: Non-Profit
Video Type: Awareness
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

The League of Yes is a local non-profit organization with an inclusive baseball program for children with all abilities where every child gets up to bat and scores a home run. They wanted Pennylane to create a fundraising video for the building of a new playground in Suffolk County that is completely accessible to all types of wheelchairs, walkers, and more. It will also feature sensory stations and a pour-in-place product onto the safety surface which gives the floor an extra bounce. The League of Yes and the families that are a part of it want to give these kids the opportunity to use a playground just like any other kid. Learn how you can donate now to help make this dream a reality!

Client Testimonial

At Pennylane, we see client feedback as invaluable, shaping our work to ensure it matches their expectations and beyond. Here’s League of Yes founder and executive director Kristine Fitzpatrick talking about her experience working with Pennylane.


The League of Yes is a beautiful baseball program for children with all abilities, as we like to say, to come on down and play baseball. Every child gets up a bat, every child scores a home run. It’s not easy for kids with special needs to make friendships, and so when they come here the bonds are just amazing to see the kids hug and kiss each other, and just for them to get all excited to see their friends is just amazing. The two fields that we have at Eisenhower Park and Farmingville, Farmingville in Suffolk does not have a playground, so the money that we are fundraising for right now, our big focus is for a playground for Suffolk County. My little brother’s in a full wheelchair, and that playground will be great for him. It’s completely accessible to all types of wheelchairs, walkers, all stuff like that. There are bridges that the children can go on with wheelchairs, and also swings that they’ll be able to go on that will be a part of the playground in themselves. We have sensory stations where the kids will be able to go to where they can calm down, they can get away from the noise, and then go back and play with the other children. We are looking to put what’s called a pour-in-place product onto the safety surface at our field in Suffolk County, and this is really great for the children to roll around in wheelchairs and walkers, and God forbid one of the children were to fall, it’s a spongy enough safety surface that they won’t get hurt. It’s going to be state-of-the-art. It’s important to have the kids be super comfortable wherever they go, and to never feel excluded. That’s full inclusion, and that’s what this playground will be. There it is! These kids need it now. Regular kids go on swings, and they go on parks, and they go on slides. It’s time for these kids to have their place. Access to playgrounds for my son is difficult, and he wants the opportunity to be able to use a playground just like any other kid. When the playground at the Nassau Field opened up, we took Jackson out there, and he has an older sister, and so it was one of the first times we saw them using the same rides on the playground and interacting together, and that was just a cool experience for us as a family. It is so important to donate because these children need this. No matter where they’re from, they need to be able to go out and feel a wonderful thing that everybody can do. Whatever you can give is the best thing ever.

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