ARF Hamptons 2021 Video Campaign

Saving Lives, Enriching Yours

Client: ARF Hamptons
Industry: Non-Profit
Video Type: Awareness Video
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF) asked us to create four videos for the ARF Hamptons 2021 annual fundraiser. ARF is a non-profit that rescues cats and dogs in the Hamptons and all across the country. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were going to be doing a hybrid in-person/Livestream event and wanted to make sure the content they played was engaging to those viewing from home.

The first video was a mini-documentary called “Overlooked.” This video would cover the animals at ARF that weren’t so easily adopted. For this video, we focused on two animals. A dog named Mogli and a cat named Todd. There was a fascinating story behind each one of these animals’ rescues and adoption.

Mogli was abandoned at a garbage dump in Texas when he was just a puppy. His trauma was so intense that it took ARF seven years to find him a home. Mogli’s story highlights ARF’s dedication to never abandoning an animal. Through interviews, we learned about the special training and attention Mogli received from the ARF staff. We were also lucky enough to interview Mogli’s adopters who showed us what it truly means to have a big heart.

 Todd on the other hand was an elderly cat when he came to ARF.  Most people want a cute kitten or a puppy and so, older animals are one of the most overlooked types at any shelter. These odds didn’t deter ARF though. They kept putting him out there until finally, the right adopters came along. We got to speak to the staff about Todd’s days at the shelter. He was a staff favorite and had tremendous energy for his age. Getting adopted didn’t seem to slow him down either. The people who took him in sent us all sorts of videos of him being quite the rambunctious kitty!

The messages we took from all these interviews were inspiring. People taking in these overlooked animals are really doing it out of a desire to do something good. It’s a pleasure to be able to tell these kinds of stories and we look forward to working with ARF again.

ARF Hamptons | Patsy’s Story

For this shoot, we interviewed Patsy Topping at her home on the East End of Long Island. Our goal was to speak with Patsy about her deep connections with ARF. How she started, how long she has been working with them, and how she feels about the lives she’s affected. You would expect someone who has saved over 2,000 dogs to want to brag, but Patsy was incredibly humble. She’s always looking for the next thing she can do to improve the lives of animals and that’s truly inspiring. We used her interview and ARF provided pictures and videos to help complete Patsy’s profile.

ARF Hamptons | Commercial

We created this one-minute commercial to help ARF spread the word about what they do. They wanted to illustrate the love they give to the animals at their shelter and how it differs from other places. They also wanted to state ARF’s mission, which is to eliminate the needless euthanizing of animals who can be saved. Their only caveat was they didn’t want this to be an ad that made the people watching it feel hopeless. The video had to feel uplifting while still communicating the issues they face.

ARF Hamptons | 2021 Animal Parade

In addition to the other videos, this adorable edit was produced to help showcase some of the animals that were in need of adopters. Out on the sand, enjoying some fun in the sun and some time in the water, these animals strutted their stuff and showed off their lovable personalities. The video ultimately led to each and every one of these precious animals being adopted and winding up in wonderful homes with loving owners.

This was an incredibly gratifying experience to be a part of. It was an absolute pleasure meeting these furry characters and helping ARF with their cause!

5 Star Review Pennylane
5 Star Review Pennylane

“I’ve worked with the Pennylane team for several years now, and they consistently produce fantastic videos. They’re great at collaborating with their clients to make sure the messaging is clear, which saves money and results in a better product.”

– Kristina Curatolo | Chief Development Officer, Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons

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