Watching Porn Will Change the Way You Do Business

Watching Porn Will Change the Way You Do Business

Porn has been one of the greatest trend forecasters in regards to how companies do business. Now they’ve set their sites on the next big thing…virtual reality (VR). Some critics may try to persuade you that it’s just another fad. Others may think it’s just for games. The Fact is that the world’s biggest companies have been investing billions into VR. They know something most don’t. VR is about to change the world.

Here are some facts about the porn industry. Did you know that…

  • The porn industry is the reason VHS (not BetaMax) became a household name?
  • BluRay (not HD DVD) won the war because of porn?
  • Porn (not Amazon) pioneered online payments which is now a 340 billion dollar industry?
021115-N-5862D-001 Aboard Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola (Nov. 15, 2002) -- Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Tim Sudduth, from Vashowish, Wash., demonstrates the Virtual Reality (VR) parachute trainer, while Aviation Survival Equipmentman 1st Class, Jackie Hilles, from Ekland, Penn., controls the program from a computer console. Students wear the VR glasses while suspended in a parachute harness, and then learn to control their movements through a series of computer-simulated scenarios. The computer receives signals from the student as they pull on the risers that control the parachute. The VR trainer also teaches aircrew personnel how to handle a parachute in different weather conditions and during possible equipment malfunctions. Navy and Marine Corps aviators receive state of the art training at the Naval Survival Training Institute. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer’s Mate Chris Desmond. (RELEASED)

Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Tim Sudduth demonstrates the Virtual Reality (VR) parachute trainer.

The Biggest Players In Virtual Reality

  • IBM
  • HP
Man tries virtual reality for the first time at You Visit offices

Man tries virtual reality for the first time at You Visit offices

In 2014, Facebook bought virtual reality company Occulus for 2 billion dollars. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed it’s not just about gaming. Zuckerberg told the Bloomberg Business that he thinks (games are) the gateway drug for VR.” He adds that he wants “Facebook to own VR the way Apple and Google own mobile.”

The gateway drug for VR

– Mark Zuckerberg

According to Reuters over the last year the number of businesses focusing on VR has gone up by 375%. Then there is the 1.2 billion invested in just the 1st quarter of 2016. Plus the prediction of 80 billion dollars in revenue by 2025. The porn industry is not waiting for mainstream to finally catch on. Once again they are not only becoming the early adopters, they are becoming the leaders in another billion dollar industry.

Of course, along with VR there is AR. Augmented Reality is like VR on steroids. It uses the existing environment but overlays new information on top of it. If you haven’t seen it yet, this will blow your mind.

And of course companies like Leap Motion are creating radical shifts in hand tracking software with Orion. This kind of technology can be implemented in countless ways to enhance business around the world.
According to The Street these are the 5 top stocks to keep your eye on because VR is here to stay:

  1. Alphabet  (GOOGL)
  2. Facebook (FB)
  3. GoPro (GPRO)
  5. Sony (SNE)


It all comes down to how your audience engages with what you are trying to tell them. If you’re trying to dominate your market, you need to embrace technology. Those who refuse to change will be left behind.

You Visit CEO Abi Mandelbaum explains how important VR is. He compares VR today to what mobile technology was like years before it dominated the market. You Visit is one of the earlier pioneers of the VR/AR world. Their massive 360 library is changing business every day.  Learn more about them here.

Today your target audience is consumed with distraction. Cell phone rings, text messages, Facebook and Twitter notifications. Their watching your marketing video online and concentration breaks immediately. They have disengaged from your message just like that. Now imagine the same viewer in a full 360 degree world of your creation. They are immersed into your message without any distractions. You have 100% of their visual and audible attention. Imagine the power of that kind of marketing. So what are you waiting for?

Pennylane is a consultant and expert in video marketing. If you want to learn more or consider different strategies with using video marketing, contact us today.

Stand Out From The Crowd – The Yellow Apple Story

Stand Out From The Crowd – The Yellow Apple Story


The Yellow Apple is a story that we came up with to describe our ultimate goal with our clients and partners. It goes like this..

“There is a basket with red apples, but somewhere in the middle there is one yellow apple.”

Q: Where does your eye go at first glance?

A: The yellow apple.

Q: Why did your eye go there?

A: Because it stands out or because it’s different, because it appears to stand out from the crowd.

Did you think the same thing? Most people do and we know this.

This helps describe our vision to our clients because our goal is to make them the yellow apple and help them stand out from the rest.

This idea is a simple one but often overlooked by many. We find that many video production and marketing companies look for a one-size-fits-all strategy to create a video marketing campaign because it worked in the past. The fact is we are all different. I mean our businesses of course. Yet we don’t act this way. We try to follow the success methods of others which is exactly what everyone else does. This ensures we do not stand out in a sea of similarity.

We believe in a strong story and a strong storyteller. We believe too many characters can hurt a story. We believe that it is important to get across the most important messages and if there are too many, we need to lead them into other media/videos, instead of piling everything into one video. We believe every successful business solves problems for their customers and customers need their problems solved. Remember the old saying “If there’s a need….fill it!” We believe human stories are the most emotional and compelling of all stories.

If you align with these beliefs when getting your message out, then you are our kind of client. Contact us for a free consultation so we explore your company vision and find your story. Let’s make you the yellow apple!