Sunrise Live 2020 Video Campaign

Non-Profit Fundraising Video Campaign

Client: Sunrise Day Camp
Industry: Non-Profit
Location: Oceanside, New York
Video Type: Produced for Live Event

About This Video Project: We created these videos for Sunrise Day Camp which is a non-profit organization that sends kids with cancer and their siblings to Sunrise’s summer camps each year. The videos were played during their 2020 Sunrise Live charity event hosted by television and radio talk show host, Andy Cohen.


  • Create a Non-Profit video campaign to help raise funds for Sunrise Day Camp
  • Produce 5 videos to be shown during a live virtual fundraising event
  • Highlight 2 camper families and 1 honoree family to show the full circle connection between giving and receiving
  • Create a commercial using text and motion graphics to highlight stats about children with cancer and Sunrise’s efforts to help
  • Film pre-recorded sections of the CEO of Sunrise Association (Arnie Preminger) to be used throughout the event as though he was live, speaking to the viewers
  • Give an in-depth view of the fun and hope provided to kids with cancer and their siblings
  • Show how Sunrise Day Camp not only provides a place for kids with cancer to get away from the hospital environment but also is an emotional and mental form of medicine through joy and happiness


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics

Sunrise Day Camp | Long Island Camper Story

We highlighted the story of Juliana (JuJu). She was the sibling of Jordan, a camper who unfortunately lost his battle with cancer in 2014. We interviewed their mother Nyta. She spoke about the magic of Sunrise and how it has helped her and her daughter cope with their loss. They’re considered family at Sunrise. JuJu is still welcome to attend camp even though Jordan is no longer with us.

Sunrise Day Camp | Pearl River Camper Story

This video focuses on Sunrise camper John and his little sister Ava. We filmed them playing in the yard and driveway at their home in Westchester, NY. Their amazing energy and excitement when the words Sunrise Day Camp came out of our mouths was incredible! They love to play and their happiness for Sunrise showed as they ran around the yard that day. Their parents told us John’s story. They explained to us how Sunrise has played a huge role in their lives. We are honored to have been a part of telling their beautiful story.

Sunrise Day Camp | Commercial

Sunrise had us create a commercial to play during the fundraising event. We used motion graphics with text over images and videos. The graphics highlight statistics about cancer and give insight into the struggles that these children face. The video explains the power of donations and how that’s what enables Sunrise to bring joy to these children’s lives.

Sunrise Day Camp | Long Island Honorees

To end off the virtual fundraising event, we filmed the Contillos as they spoke to viewers from their beautiful home on Long Island, New York. They were the 2020 Long Island honorees for their family’s efforts and donations. This video includes some home recordings of Sunrise campers giving thanks to the organization. The Contillos themselves also thanked everyone who has helped Sunrise’s mission.



Sunrise hired us to create 5 videos to play during their 2020 live virtual fundraising event. The event wound up raising over $500,000. In 2020, the cost of sending 1 child to camp was $6,000 per child. So you can imagine the importance of this fundraiser. It helps guarantee that any child and their siblings get the opportunity to go to one of Sunrise’s camps. The magic of Sunrise shines through in the children’s eyes and it is quite amazing to experience their happiness in person. There’s no doubt that Sunrise’s camps give them more strength and play a huge role in each child overcoming their battle with cancer.
Sunrise’s entire operation was upended by COVID-19. All of their camps were closed for the entire summer in 2020 due to the pandemic. Sunrise had us produce a video that highlighted their efforts to adapt to the restrictions in place. They developed virtual events and activities for the children to follow along with. They also sent each camper a “Camp in a Box” to give them supplies, arts & crafts to use for the events and on their own time.
For the COVID Response video, we filmed CEO Arnie Preminger looking at the camera while reading a teleprompter. We paired that with visuals that Sunrise sent to us to show all of the amazing work and effort that Sunrise accomplished during this time.
We put together the stories of two campers, one from Long Island and one from Pearl River. The purpose of these videos is to give viewers insight into the lives of these families. The videos also portray the selfless efforts that Sunrise makes to help diagnosed children and their siblings. Sunrise welcomes these children and makes them all feel like part of one large Sunrise family. These videos aired during the live virtual fundraising event. They were the centerpieces of the evening, attracting large donations and families to become more involved with Sunrise.
If you feel compelled to help Sunrise reach their goals, please visit the link below to get involved.

Long Island camper Julianna (JuJu) getting her hula hooping skills on at Sunrise Day Camp Long Island, NY

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