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About Marketing Videos

Using marketing videos to sell or promote your product, service, or company is one of the best ways to grow revenue for a company. Here are some ideas to think about when considering using marketing videos.

Your Target Audience

Who are you trying to communicate with and have connect with your message?

Your Messaging

Before a script is written or any filming happens, we need to know what messages we want to communicate to our audience. We like to start with a high-level bullet point list of messages to consider. The goal of a marketing video is to bring the viewer to the next stage in the sales process.

Here’s a simple, yet effective structure to use for your messaging:



State the problem



Connect your product or service to the solution


Explain why your solution is better than the others


Tell the viewer what to do next

Visualize the video as complete.

How long will it take to communicate each message? One message may take 15 to 45 seconds to get across. If you have too many messages for a short video, making multiple videos is the answer.

Visual B-Roll

Is there are something that can be shown or filmed to visually understand the ideas you’re speaking about on the video? There’s a saying we use at Pennylane all the time, “You never have enough b-roll”. One problem we see often is that there is not enough time allocated towards finding or filming b-roll to support the visuals of a marketing video. B-roll can be just as important as the voice we here. Think of it as the visual story we see, while the voice is the audible story we hear. When they play together, it’s a beautiful thing and ensures your marketing video will be engaging and compelling for your target audience.



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