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Pennylane Productions helps Long Island businesses and non-profits communicate through beautiful video production, with an emphasis on creative storytelling and crystal-clear messaging.

We provide full-service Long Island production services. Pennylane is a proud member of HIA (formerly Hauppauge Industrial Association) the Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge. We have produced many videos for HIA members over the years. Watch and listen to two of our Long Island clients about working with Pennylane

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Long Island Video Production Testimonials

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Sell more products and services.

Marketing videos are designed to sell or promote your product, service, or company. Video continues to be one of the most powerful tools for sales and marketing.


Let the world know who you are and what you do.

Awareness videos are designed to build brand awareness and may include fundraising videos for non-profits. This is a great way to help your audience learn more about who you are.


Train your staff and educate your customers.

Training videos are designed to train your staff, so they can get back to work and bring more value to your company. Training customers with instructional videos decreases calls to your customer support team.


Attract the best talent or grow your membership.

Recruitment videos are designed to bring in the best talent, so your HR team can save time vetting and focus on the final decision process. This tool can also help build your membership.


Take a Look Around

By exploring our website, you can see examples of other Long Island organizations that have hired us to produce high-end corporate video production and non-profit video production. You can dive into each project to learn how we approached the production from concept, scripting, filming, editing, and in some cases adding motion graphics, CGI, and animation. You can also view our video portfolio categorized into our 4 main video types including marketing videos, awareness videos, recruitment videos, & training videos.

The Best Choice for Long Island Video Production

We are a Long Island video production company headquartered in Smithtown, NY. We live here, grew up here, and work here every day.

What Differentiates Pennylane?

Pennylane began as a live event video production company. We started this way back in 2001 and eventually added corporate video production and non-profit video production to our services. Because we cut our teeth on live events, it helped us be more efficient by telling the story and troubleshooting on the fly. It also allowed us to produce high quality videos with fewer crew members. In the end, this saves our Long Island clients money and time with video production services. 

We are well known for our flagship interview-based video production. We also refer to these videos as unscripted videos. The reason we love this style is that the characters come across as genuine and trustworthy. This conversational style can be a persuasive sales and marketing tool that allows the viewer to eavesdrop on the conversation, just like when watching a documentary.

We are reliable and experienced, making the video production process very simple by guiding our Long Island video production clients through every step of the way. We are flexible, working with clients who prefer micromanaging or macro managing their projects.

Live & Virtual Video Production Events

Pennylane can provide video production for virtual events to be played online. We also provide live event coverage for conference videos, seminar videos, and conference recap videos. A powerful marketing strategy when doing live events is to cut your educational content into many bite-size video clips filmed from a single event. These short videos can be time-released, throughout all of your social media platforms for a long time.


We serve Long Island, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, The Hamptons, Westchester County, and beyond.